Benefits sport of mountaineering

In order to stay healthy, there is a need to get involved in physical activities. Doing so would help reduce your risk to developing chronic disease. One of the great physical activities you can participate in is mountaineering. This sport involves strenuous physical activities that would surely motivate you to stay fit and healthy. 
What is Mountaineering?
Mountaineering is a highly popular sport wherein you participate in climbing mountains for by incorporating rock climbing and ice climbing skills. Typically, mountaineering involves the use of technical equipment including that of harness, rope, ice ax, helmet and other mountaineering gears. The sport is extremely popular for its robust participation needed for the sport due to the nature of activities. 
Benefits of Mountaineering to Physical Activity and Health 
Extensive evidence shows that physical activity helps to improve one’s physical health as it reduces risk factors to diseases. The vigorous physical activity offers the positive impact on the cardiovascular system of a person, ensuring its maximum protection. On the other hand, moderate level of activities provides general health benefits. 
One of the moderate levels of activities that offer positive impact to physical health is walking. It has been found to help improve and maintain a good physical health. Some of the benefits of walking include reduced risk for cardiovascular disease, decreased body weight, low resting blood pressure, reduced BMI and reduced body fat percentage. 
Mountaineering is a walking activity that can be considered a vigorous form of the said activity. On that note, the positive effects of walking can possibly have relations with mountain walking but with the health benefits of mountaineering influenced by a number of factors in regards to the energy demands of the sport. Mountain walking or long walks can help in reduction as well as maintenance of body weight. 
This is one of the positive contributions of mountaineering to physical health. At little extreme levels, weight loss is one of the outcomes of mountaineering as a result of reduced body fat. However, out of all the physical and health benefits of mountaineering, the improved the cardiovascular fitness is the one that is most important. 
Mountaineering provides aerobic exercise that can improve a person’s cardiovascular fitness and effectively reduces body fat. A mountain climber does not only take advantage of these benefits during the climb but also even during the training. Being a mountaineer, it is also important that you are physically strong, able to carry heavy loads and has the skills to use the gears. 
Inherent Benefits of Mountaineering 
Apart from physical benefits, mountaineering offers intrinsic benefits that help in developing a person’s attitude and outlook in life. One of those benefits is setting a goal and making sure to reach it. In mountaineering, you aim to reach the top and you train to really make sure that you will succeed. More than that, great benefits of mountaineering include working together with a team that develops in friendship you will want to cherish. With these benefits, mountaineering is certainly a sport good for the body and soul.