The Best Android Application for Sports

If you can’t go to the venue to watch your favorite sports in person, you can always use an app to know the latest news and events about a game. A lot of sports apps are now available today. Here is a list of the best Android application for sports. 

The Bleacher Report is a popular sports news outlet. You can find news for different sports teams. The app also allows you to choose your favorite team and get the latest news and events about that team. The Bleacher Report sources news from different local sources, blogs, Twitter and Instagram. The app also provides predictions, rankings and stats that you can check out anytime. The Bleacher Report is among the most comprehensive apps that you can download to stay updated at all times. 

CBS Sports has a concise and clean user-interface. Navigation is also easy. The app is a great way to follow your favorite teams. CBS Sports is perfect for those who are watching CBS every week as they can check when games are showing or when their favorite programs are on.

Thuuz Sports has become one of the most popular apps among sports fans who want to get the latest scores and news on their mobile devices. The app focuses on game schedules, allowing you to correctly plan your weekend schedule around sports. Thuuz Sports rates games depending on the excitement level and anticipation level of sports lovers. 

Feedly is an RSS feed app that helps you modify the feed of content you receive every day, either from blogs or news websites or everything combined. If you are following several podcasts or blogs on a weekly basis, having Feedly is definitely beneficial. The app lets you create a feed that delivers the content of sporting blogs to your mobile device. 

ESPN, previously called the ESPN SportsCenter app, allows you to know the latest score and get the newest coverage. While the coverage of less famous sports is not exactly the strongest point of the app, it is actually the best when it comes to covering the freshest US sports news, including the latest updates and news about baseball, football, and basketball. 

You can use the app to find various things such as weather updates, news and even tracking information for products you had delivered.  Google Now eventually begins suggesting news based on what you like. This means that you can use Google Now to look up sports news and scores which will eventually make the app send you that piece of information automatically. It is also free to download. 

365Scores is a sports new app that provides information on various sports organizations and leagues. The app covers most leagues in 10 different sports. 365Scores also allows you to see the channels that are currently broadcasting your favorite sporting events. Aside from providing video highlights and look up stats, the app gives real-time updates on scores as well.